Welcome To AgCloud

The only cloud based farm record keeping system completely developed by a farmer and run by an online farming community!

Easy to View Records

Records are easy to view, navigate and pre-ordered sensibly.

Super Helpful

View hints about the current page, see animals within a withholding period and easy access to related actions.

Key Features

Community Driven

Your feedback as the online community are what drives AgCloud. How many other systems are fully controlled by their users?

Schedule Reminders

When you add a record, its easy to add a reminder so that you know you have an upcoming event, such as re-drenching for instance.

Farm Monitoring

Easily monitor the performance of your farm by comparing records. To make things even easier we are working on a graphing system right now.


Screen Shot of Mobile Version

Globally Accessible - Anywhere you can get the internet, you can get AgCloud.

No Setup Fees or Contracts - We believe if you provide a good service, clients will stay with you.

Designed with working in the field in mind. Where ever you have cell or data coverage, AgCloud works. No extra charges for having a mobile version and a desktop version. Its all the same product, with smart design features to make your day easier. Very small data packets to keep your mobile bill low.

Built with relativity. Imagine for some reason you want to know all the treatments a mob has received, its as easy as clicking "View Mobs" in the "Stock Management" menu, finding the mob in question and clicking it. Simple and Clever.

Keep on top of Health and Safety by easily adding hazards as you go around the farm. If you manage your hazards well, if it does all turn to custard you will have a excellent record of controlling hazards, which in turn will be positive in the eyes of the Ministry of Labour.

Everything in AgCloud is sensibly ordered through our easy to use menu system. With a section for Farm Management, ie Crops, Paddocks and Health & Safety. A section for Stock Management to manage your day to day stock activities, such as Movements, Weights, Tallies and Condition Scores. Animal Health for managing Remedies on hand and recording Treatments. And of course a section for our online community, including a very easy to follow help section.

When the long dreaded day comes, and the phone rings in the middle of docking or weaning, "its your friendly local auditor here". You have to rush around getting your diary in order making sure you haven't forgotten anything. But with AgCloud its a breeze, its all already there, in an easy to follow format, reducing your time away from the farm by up to 80%.


Get AgCloud Farm Management Software only, or get bundled services through AgCloud Networks.
Planned Release Date is set for 1st August 2015

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AgIT Limited trading as AgCloud Networks
927 Mill Road
P: (06) 855-6836
M: (027) 636 3731
E: support@agcloud.net.nz
or E: sales@agcloud.net.nz

About Us

We are AgIT Limited, trading as AgCloud Networks.
We have been around since December 2012, working away quietly building great solutions to the tech problems faced day to day in rural communities.
We are a small community focused business. Our aim is to be the most successful tech agri-business in NZ. But our success will not measured on profit nor the size of our customer base, we measure our success on customer satisfaction.
We aim to maintain a small network, so we can still run a personable service. The chances are, when you call us, you'll be able speak to the same person every time. You won't get handed around the office or sit on hold for hours!
AgIT Limited was formed due of a lack of cost effective, friendly and highly usable services for farm recording systems. We then thought, what good is an online record keeping system if you can't access it. So we started looking into options for supplying internet and phone.
We would love to build a network of rural wireless sites, that cover the areas that no body else covers. This however is a costly and timely exercise and we need to build a solid customer base first.
So if your interested in joining a company that focuses on supporting and rewarding its existing customers, rather than giving all the great deals to those who are yet to join, then look no further.